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Strange Beings Unite!

Should I change my name?  

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  1. 1. Should I change my name?

    • Yes, change it to P4R4D0X (the name I am more commonly known by)
    • No, keep it as N1GHTM4R3 (this is one of the last accounts that still has this name)

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So, I have been on here for a while, gained some popularity, but never officially introduced myself, sooooo...

Hi, I'm N1GHTM4R3/Nightmare, but I more commonly go by P4R4D0X/Paradox when online. I do art (currently mostly digital, but I do physical drawing as well), I play the harp, I do stuff with OCs (original characters), mine or others, enjoy watching random educational videos about things that I should not know, and I am actually rather good at giving advice. (I dunno how to introduce myself, help) My friends call me a hyper-intelligent being with an entire different dimension in her pocket, for whatever that's worth. 

And by the way, I am 12 at the time of writing this.

If you are wondering about the title, its cuz my friends all seem to fall under the category of Strange People, me included. 

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hiya, Strange Person I'm totally not chaos buddies with!

I'm smac n cheese. 

I do A LOT of theatre and watch AMVs instead of doing my work in class and somehow have managed to get 'straight' As. I also enjoy writing, watching queer fantasy cartoons, and planning world domination! My friends call me Claudia or Sienna, even though NEITHER of them are my real name so I think they also qualify for the category of Strange People. Anyways, I'm also 12 years old, and... yeah!

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35 minutes ago, Picklethewickle said:

Both of these names are cool, but why not STR4NG3P30PL3 so you can be multiple entities at once?

Hey, be nice.

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On 4/9/2024 at 3:49 PM, AroAceGamer said:

Oh thank goodness, another person in the smae age group as me. I always felt really alone (am I too young to know my orientation?)

I don't think you can ever be "too young" to think about this sort of thing, being introspective is just human nature. If you feel like your aro that's valid regardless of age, and even if you do go back on it later (not that I'm assuming you will or anything like that) that's entirely valid as well.

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Your never 'too young' to know and/or want to know things about yourself. Plus, orientation is a hard thing to pin down, and sometimes no amount of microlabeling will ever provide the words needed to describe it. 

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