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A reintroduction

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So a while ago I posted a welcome/AMA. Since then, things have changed slightly. 

Hello! I'm Kaiger Pufflehugs IV, Arocalypse's resident rawr machine, but feel free to call me Kai. I'm from the UK, 23, and wanting to go into psychology. 


Identity-wise, I'm aro ace, and as of yesterday (thanks to @Kerfluffle, @omitef, and others), I've discovered I'm bigender demiboy (mostly boy but also sometimes no gender at all). 


Ice cream for all! :icecream:


Rawr! :arolovepapo::arocapapo:

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27 minutes ago, Mezzo Forte said:

Checking AVEN and then checking here, I think I just had déjà-vu xD


Now, do I have to have the ice cream separate from the cake, or is mixing forum traditions socially acceptable?

Have some ice cream cake!



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