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IAMA Pufflemander. AMA! (Belated welcome/hello post)

Philbo Wiseroot

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I don't think I ever did this when I joined. 


Hey! I'm Phil/Kaiger. I'm 23, aro ace, and from the UK, and I'm currently at uni studying education. I like Harry Potter (so much that I used to run a Reddit trivia game once a fortnight), Pokemon sort of, and volunteering. 


Anything else you want to know? Feel free to ask me anything!

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1 minute ago, Pufflehugs04 said:

I like it, but not obsessively like a lot of people seem to. I only own 1 game and had to delete Pokemon Go for space. 

As someone who has caught 716/720 pokemon I am disappoint. I've never played pokemon go though.

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7 hours ago, Zemaddog said:

As someone who has caught 716/720 pokemon I am disappoint. I've never played pokemon go though.

I've never finished any of the games. Ever. And Go is good, but a bit boring when there aren't many roads where you live (more roads mean more Pokemon). 


1 hour ago, Louis Hypo said:

What do you think is most important for one to do in their lifetime to become a well-rounded person.

I have several things:


First, find what you stand for. Or in other words, define your core values. Knowing these (and having them written down) will give you something to keep to as you go throughout your day. Mine are loyalty, integrity, health, reliability, and learning.


Second, volunteer for something. If you can, do it without caring about how it affects you/whether it brings you glory. It's a bonus if they're somewhat older than you too, so you can learn from them



I volunteer with the Waterway Recovery Group, restoring canals. A lot of the work we do might not be visible to the people who use the waterway: a couple of years ago my project was at make a 2-mile section of towpath wide enough for cars. My project this year was replacing 30m of canal wall with new bricks (some of which were buried when we filled the trench/bed back in at the end of the week). Both of those are things people tend to take for granted and never pay attention to. But on each camp/project, I've learned some new skills, or something new about myself while doing it.


Third, try to keep an open mind treat everything as a potential learning experience. The people you're with might have a better way of doing things or have some advice for you. On my last WRG canal camp, the leader gave me this piece of advice: if you're sitting doing nothing while there are others working, watch how they work.



At the end of each day on the worksite, we had to load the van with all the stuff we used for storage overnight. I (mostly reluctantly after the first day) was in charge of doing this, but I was initially unsure of how I was going to do it. My solution: watch how someone else did it and memorise  the steps. I needed a little help some of the time, but I mostly did it by myself from memory and watching someone else.


Finally, write stuff down in a journal. It doesn't have to be fancy, just some way of getting your thoughts into a permanent form. If someone gives you some advise, write it down. If you give someone advice, write it down (you might need it in the future). I'll be writing a truncated version of this in my journal today, so I can use it if I need in the future. 



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