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Cool little animated movie - decidedly Aro theme!

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I found this on YouTube when I was watching some of the animator's other content (Katy Towell - she's awesome!), and it has so much aromantacism in it that I had to laugh.  I'm not sure where the animator/author stands in regard to sexual or romantic orientation, but this just screams "I'm Aro!". 

Not only does it have aro themes, it's also gorgeously animated, in a very spare, Edward Gorey-eque manner.  Wonderful, for those of us who prefer the darker side of beauty.



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On 9/28/2016 at 11:10 AM, Louis Hypo said:

Perfect. Although if I was there I wouldn't see cupid and cupid wouldn't see me and everyone would be like "why can't you see each other?" And it would be just like that episode of Buffy the vampire slayer.


I loved that episode! Especially the scene where Spike is talking to both groups and looking completely insane.

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