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  1. I have heavy scarring on my left arm from a burn. It runs from my wrist almost to my shoulder. It's blotchy, has an odd texture, and is a mix of reddened, vascular surface scarring and thick, white, stiff patches of much deeper scarring that pull and wrinkle oddly when I move my arm. I usually wear shirts with longish, loose sleeves in order to conceal it somewhat, but my work uniform shirt is short sleeved and I often catch people staring. The burn took 3 months to fully heal, and after it healed, I was *very* conscious of it and of other peoples' reaction to it. Because it was new scarr
  2. I'm barely comfortable with being naked in my own bathroom, alone, with the door locked. I have never been at ease unclothed, even when I was younger and at least kind of cute. Now, I'm the kind of person who looks far, far better clothed!
  3. Hey! Welcome aboard! This is a pretty great place.
  4. I've always imagined it as someone laughing so hard that their eyes involuntarily squint closed - a guffaw. It also has a sort of "Ha!" feel to it - vaguely sarcastic.
  5. Lucky. My workplace is literally surrounded by university student residence and condo buildings. The students are even allowed to use our back parking lot to park their cars (how the fucking hell are university students affording fucking luxury cars?!? I didn't own a car 'til I was 25, and it was a 3rd-hand Chrysler Concorde I kept until it was 15 years old and the transmission died!). My workplace has an extensive CCTV system that I am there to monitor (among other things), so I am very often 'treated' to events that squick me out on many levels... goofy joined-at-the-hip couple behav
  6. Here's a question, folks. Let's say you have a best friend who you do not/cannot date (for whatever reason - maybe they're not attracted to people of your gender). You want the best for this person because you care about them an awful lot. You're aro. You accept yourself and your identity, and you're not overly conflicted about being aro. Your best friend meets another aro person and is interested in this person. You don't know the person your friend is pursuing. Would you advise your friend that they should date an aromantic person, knowing that
  7. I'm not American.... and atm, I'm very glad of that. I'm sick with worry for people I've come to care about here and on AVEN whose lives will be made so much more difficult - perhaps even endangered or ended because of the dismal, bleak, heartbreaking results of this infernal election. We always hope that good will somehow manage to conquer evil, no matter the odds. So many of our favourite books, movies, and games follow that theme. Good always wins. It *has* to, right? Right? Only this time, evil won. Evil won. And it has turned our lives upside-down. We feel
  8. I'm Canadian, and even I had to rant and rage and holler for a while. Thank the fates that I'm alone in an empty office building. I have so little faith in humanity remaining, and things like this continue to carve huge chunks of it away. I'm very worried for friends in the US who are young, queer, non-white, and/or non-religious... especially if they're female/female-bodied. How seriously are womens' issues and LGBT issues going to be taken with that creep in charge?
  9. Isn't it amazing how different we can be while still sharing some of the same issues/diagnoses? I'm sound sensitive too, and mine are a mix of biological and mechanical sounds. For me, my worst triggers are barking dogs (esp. smaller dogs - that shrill, sharp, penetrating, repetitive yapping! Just hateful, that is!), thumping bass music, unusually loud engine noises (think transport trucks using engine brakes and glasspack mufflers), vacuum cleaners and other similar equipment (leaf blowers, etc.), the hum produced by fluorescent lighting and, to a lesser extent, the hum produced
  10. My sympathies... one of my very favourite stories is a very romantic one, after all.. but it's a distinct minority - I usually hate romantic fiction. The only thing I can say is that the story caught in me for reasons entirely unrelated to the romantic plot. In my case, it's because one of the main characters is a 'person' I think I could be very good friends with, if he were not fictional. He's a character that a meddlesome ol' 'fixer' like me would want to help, because I feel bad for him and think he deserved better than he got in his fictional world. So, when people ask me
  11. I second "Leave Early". Second option, locate the other singles who were roped into the event (there will be at least a few and they're apt to group up together) and party with them!
  12. You know, there's something sadistic and perverse about expecting the people who have the most difficulty with conformity, fitting in, and change to do *all* the conforming, learning foreign (to us!) ways of socializing, and changing our behaviours. If life were fair, the NTs would have to meet us at least half-way and learn how to avoid eye contact, learn to stim, and be forced to pick up an intense, life-dominating special interest (er.. one that isn't sex and romance - NTs already have that one!) so they can fit in with *us* better! I'm tired of always having to be on the side that's putt
  13. Whoa.... am I ever out of the loop! Of course, I haven't read kids' books since I was a kid, and that was 25+ years ago. Maybe I ought to go replace my card for the local library (I lost it about 10 years ago) and see what kind of cool new (to me anyway) titles there are out there. And yeah, the flappy, spinny, tiptoe-ey, rocky, jumpy, flicky stimmy dance really should be a thing. It would make me laugh like mad if such an autistic dance actually became honestly popular with NTs. We'd actually be able to go dancing and not stick out like a sore thumb like we usually do!
  14. Yep, you never want to assume art class is going to be quiet, orderly, or even bloodless (long story I won't go into here for brevity's sake). I can remember a few similar classes of my own that involved not only bizarre class subjects but also bizarre teachers! One of those latter ended up making me feel totally alienated from my own style and causing me to become totally disillusioned with art for years, leading me to pursue computer science courses a lot more, choose an IT job after university, and stop drawing for years after having her as my prof... she was an absolute train wreck of an
  15. I fake eye contact! I learned this trick way back in grade 4, when I had (an abusive) 'teacher' (not worth a spit into a waterfall at actually teaching, but incredibly good at playing local politics). He used to physically grab my head and restrain me in order to force eye contact on me if I did not meet and hold his gaze of my own accord. He would shove his face right up to mine and use his eyes to cause me distress. I find eye contact terribly invasive and overpowering. He knew this and used forced eye contact as another way to abuse me. So I began focusing my eyes on a spot
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