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  1. Kind of. I still hate how the first thing that people think of when they read quotes like that is romantic love.
  2. I actually agree with this quote. My cat is getting old and I know I only have a few years left with him, but I'd rather have him and deal with that heartbreak than never have adopted him in the first place. People on the other hand, they're not as important.
  3. @TheGreatUnstitched Ouch. I'm sorry. Even if you don't want a relationship it still hurts to be talked about like that.
  4. @Dodecahedron314 I'll have to check that out. I have some other work submitted so I need to see if any of my poem get selected before I can submit them to someplace else. This seems like the type of place I'd want to get published.
  5. Annoying relatives who don't know how to mind their own business.
  6. I get to silently judge people's crappy relationships... wait, I'd do that regardless of whether or not I was aro.
  7. I mean no offense to guys with this post, I just thought it was funny.
  8. My aunt just got married. Now she feels the need to shove me into a relationship so I can be as happy as she is. Ugh. Why do people think that just because they're happy in a relationship that that means they have to play matchmaker for everyone else?
  9. My mom dragging me to her computer to show me pictures of basically nude soccer players and telling me how sexy they are. She then goes on, jokingly, that she wants me to marry one of them so she can get free tickets to games.
  10. Unfortunately that's to be expected. Even if you literally spell it out for them they still probably wont get it/wont relate to it. Share the new version with us.
  11. A lot of those movies where the characters realize they're in love right before they die remind me of battlefield weddings. They feel that they need to do something in that moment because they're going to die and then will most likely realize later that they really don't get along that well. It's overdone in my opinion and I'm really glad they didn't force a kiss scene onto Jyn and Cassain.
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