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Should I put aromantic in my description when searching for a flatmate?


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I have a three room flat and for the fall I'm gonna put some posts out about looking for flatmates. I'm trying to decide if I should put in the add that I'm aromantic.

Pros: It would make other queer people know I'm also queer.

Con: Most Swedes don't know what aromantic is. Also my romantic orientation doesn't really matter for a flat mate relationship. I'd rather write that I'm solo but I feel like that's even less known as a concept.


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Another pro : you will drive away people who are not OK with it.

Another con : some people may not have the patience to look it up and so won't reach you.

I don't know, I don't think it is an essential info to give, so only do it if you feel like it. (I know, it was the useless advice of the year)

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not sure

I suppose you could just go for it, only thing is if you are not willing to be open about your identity to some people that would make being aro open and attached to your name/whatever other info you put on there. viewable by basically anyone.

If thats fine with you then may as well go for it, i agree with @nonmerci, it might help keep away people you might not want as flatmates.


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