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What are your podcasts?

Philbo Wiseroot

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*bursts into thread* DID SOMEBODY SAY PODCASTS 


...because hoo boy, do I have podcasts. 


Caught up on, are currently running on schedule: Welcome To Night Vale, Alice Isn't Dead, Within The Wires, The Black Tapes, Wolf 359


Not caught up on, are currently running on schedule: Tanis, Our Fair City, StarTalk Radio (don't remember the links for these, sorry) 


Caught up on, have been on hiatus between seasons for months and still no word about when they'll start back up but are still really freaking good anyway: Limetown, EOS 10


...I may have a problem. :P

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52 minutes ago, Dodecahedron314 said:

*bursts into thread* DID SOMEBODY SAY PODCASTS 


...because hoo boy, do I have podcasts. 


...I may have a problem. :P

I'll raise you:

* Friends At The Table: An RPG podcast with lots of world-building and good characterization. I'd suggest starting with the second season, since it is more polished than the first (which is still good). 

* The Adventure Zone: Another RPG podcast but in a very different style, this one comedic.

* My Brother My Brother and Me: A comedy advice podcast by three brothers (who also run The Adventure Zone) giving advice (or not) for weird questions

* Smash Fiction: Who would win in a fight, the Terminator or the Predator? Stich or Toothless? This podcast is all about the cast splitting into teams to debate this sort of thing with a different cast member acting as judge each time.

* Oh No Ross and Carrie: A podcast about people who investigate fringe science and claims of the paranormal by showing to in person.

* Sawbones: A podcast about weird medical history.

* Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: A podcast about military history

* The Infinite Monkey Cage: British people talking about physics and stuff

* Invisibilia: A podcast about psychology

* Judge John Hodgeman: John Hodgeman resolves disputes between people who go onto the show for internet arbitration

* The Flop House: Funny reviews of bad movies

* GM Word of the Week: A podcast about various words and their relevance to fantasy and RPGs, from Tiamat to Montebank

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2 hours ago, Saaaro said:

A few have been mentioned already, but I listen to (in order of preference):

How'd it Go

Hello Internet 


Dear Hank and John

No such thing as a fish 


Dear Hank and John is awesome! I loved their attempt to render the abbreviated form of "as per usual" as text! They're hilarious!

On 30 August 2016 at 4:41 PM, LunarSeas said:

I'm total Welcome to Night Vale trash. xD


Ive just started that. Love it so far!

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