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Where have you been all my life?


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I am genuinely so happy to have gone back on the AVEN forum and stumbled on a topic that mentioned this website. I am not so new to the world of asexuality and aromanticism, but as most of you will know, it can be a lonely world down here when so few people outside the Internet know what these words even mean. 


I am a 22yo cis-woman, born and raised in France. I studied literature in London and film in Edinburgh and moved back home just a few days ago, while doing job applications and the likes. I've been identifying as ace (I don't really like the word asexual, it sounds too medical to me) for about two years now, and as aromantic for just a few months, as I found it more difficult to recognise and ultimately accept. I haven't really had a problem with accepting my asexuality once I found out it was an actual word that was just perfect to describe what I experienced, but I'm still struggling with the aro part at times; not because the word doesn't fit, but because I still feel trapped in this misconception that I might be "missing out on something" by not being interested in forming romantic relationships. I'm just starting to get familiar with notions like queerplatonic relationships, the idea of which I find extremely appealing, and I suppose I just want to find out more about what the aro community has to offer, what other ideas, concepts and words I can find out about, and find ways of getting the word out there/be more confident about all this/be less worried about being misunderstood. I really want to explore this part of my identity in more depths and get to know other aros too!


Apart from books and films, I love series, videogames, magic tricks, and I recently decided to improve my drawing skills.


Lovely to meet you all, I can't wait to start reading and exploring this website :)

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