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I'm Ryley!


This is my first time using Arocalypse because I literally only found out about it about ten minutes ago. I'm an agender teenager who lives in Perth, Australia. I'm more of a masculine person so in turn I prefer more typically masculine clothing and I usually hang out with my guy friends.


And I'm aromantic. I've never felt romantically (or sexually for that matter) attracted to anyone, and I hate the thought of having a romantic relationship with some. Though in the future, when I'm older, I think I'd be interested in having a partner or two (platonic, of course) so that I could share my house and life with them.


On to my sexuality, I'm asexual (as you can tell, I like my A's). I'm not sex repulsed as long as it's not about/directed at me in anyway. (Basically I enjoy smut and embarrassing my friends by going into detail about smut that I've read)


Some things about my self: People always say I'm caring, thoughtful and quite sensitive, but I find myself being very unsympathetic at times with certain people. I'm also very introverted, but I think that's mainly because of my anxiety. Due to that, I find it hard to make (and keep) friends, as I hate going out and I hate socialising, so I've only got three friends, who luckily like me enough to put up with me.


I also really like animals. I have three dogs (an adult French mastiff, a puppy French mastiff, and a Pomeranianxchihuahua), two rescue cats, and a beautiful corella. Yeah, I like animals. I also enjoy gaming, writing, reading, and baking. I don't at all enjoy physical activities.


And that's about it. I'm a pretty boring person, but I'm me, and I'm happy with who I am. So, yeah... Hi.

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