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Aros with Celebrity Crushes?

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I'm new here and a new Aro (2022)and I'm curious on the topic of Celebrity Crushes/Attraction. 

Does it fall under the Squish category (still not sure on this term) or does it fall under Sexual Attraction? 

I will admit when a celebrity is attractive/hot (ie: Pedro Pascal, Patrick Stump, Scarlet Johansen, etc), but am confused on this since I discovered Aromantisism. 

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The type of attraction doesn't depend on who it's directed at. Could be a squish, crush, sexual, etc.

Having a crush on a celebrity doesn't necessarily mean you aren't aro. Celebrities are unattainable which can make them "safe" and/or puts them on like... a different axis of attraction.

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It depends on what are the feelings involved. For some it will be admiration, others will have sexual fantasies with celebrities, or will imagine dates, or they could just look at them all day... It can be anything, that's the confusing part.

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