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Aro (aroace) and Autism


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I've always felt sort of 'destined' to be aroace because I'm autistic, and I tried not to give into it but it's sort of been putting me down for a while now. Like yes, I'm autistic, but I can still have a decent grappling understanding of love. I really thought I could feel romantic love for a while, and in all my other relationships I acted decently interested romantically and sexually in the other person. 

However, I don't feel romantic love. And people sort of use my autism as an excuse to sort of 'justify' why I'm aroace and use my autism as a cause or correlation. Like I'm broken. 

I know this is all wrong, but I do need some help sort of telling people to piss off, and that autism is not linked or correlated with aroace and that it doesn't invalidate my sexuality. 

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