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Sometimes monogamy just seems so foreign to me


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I've known for pretty much all my life that monogamy is not for me, much longer than I knew that I was aromantic. Lately I've come across more and more people irl who are non monogamous and this, together with finding more content about it online, has kinda tricked my brain into thinking it's pretty common. So whenever I come across something, like a piece of fiction, where non monogamy is not even a discussion it just feels so strange for me.

How do you feel about it?

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I've never understood monogamy or couple culture.
Even as a child I was bemused and confused as to why groups of two were so lionised. As well as the phrase "two's company, three's a crowd".

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truly baffling.  i feel like i realized i'm poly (and i use that as an antonym for mono, rather than something i feel really applies to me) just after i realized i'm aro, because it's all part of amatonormativity, right, so it was like, well i don't understand romantic attraction at all, but especially not to just one person at a time.  yeah, that whole picture--monogamous marriage with kids--when i think about the fact that most people want/have that, i'm genuinely shocked.  

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