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Um... First of all, I'm new to this entire forum thing, so if I do something wildly stupid, please don't be mean. I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the right place. Well, so here goes!

I'm go by Elise, but obviously that's not my real name. My pronouns are she/her and I'm most likely straight. I'm aromantic, as basically everyone on here, and I, more specifically, identified as an oriented aroace. (I'm not that sure about the ace part, since I haven't really experienced it, and I'm unsure where the standards of "ace" lie, but I'm just going to put it there for now). I do experience aesthetic attraction quite often, and lots of platonic attraction. I'm am relatively new to this, and I may be demiromantic/demisexual. But I feel like oriented aroace would fit me better. 

I found out because I originally thought I was bisexual, since "0=0", I figured out I felt the same for both genders, so I must be bi. Yeah, I was a bit stupid. While I was basically exploring the LGBTQ+ community, I came across aromantism, and Jaiden's Animations. As I watched her videos, I had a certain level of relatablitly, and I just realized "Wow, I might be aroace!". I did some more research and stumbled across "oriented aroace a bit later, and found that it fit me very well, and I identified as that from thereon. 

About my overall personality (I literally do not know what to write so I'm going to dump everything on here), I'm usually very bright, but like most people, I do have a dark side, and know more things than people expect me to. I love reading, writing, music (playing it and listening to it), and food. I have a very specific preference for Chinese food (I'm Chinese), garlic bread, and Japanese food. I'm aiming to write an original novel with an aromantic main character but I don't think I'll publish it. I will be your friend, but if you suddenly leave me without any explaination, I will track you down and find out why. I'm very clingy, and will freak out if people leave me on read. 

(Ok, sorry for all that excess info you did NOT need to know)

As of his time period, I have not yet told my family, they do want me to get married and have children sometime in the future, and I don't want to dissapoint them so soon. 

So, sorry for the word dump and all the unecessary information I bombarded you with. Bye!

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Hi Elise, nice to meet you! Your post seemed fine to me, good intro :-)

With the preference for garlic bread in particular, i'm sure you'll fit in well here, garlic bread seems to be a theme.

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hi elsie, welcome to the forum! i had the same experience, "oh i feel this way towards everyone i must be pans!", well, it was somewhat right. im also super clingy!

i hope your book goes well, sounds amazing, you have a fan here already! what kind of music do you like and what instruments do you play/ want to play?

hope you enjoy the forum! 

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