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Aro art


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So I felt like quickly drawing something up as I saw that suggestion about a coat of arms in the flag thread. Not sure that was what was meant but this is what I thought of haha.

Kinda cartoonish thing. Used vaguely Aro associated animals (griffin and an ardvark) and mostly based on what would look cool haha as standing animals plus a frog. And some arrows n that really. Dunno if all the elements work together well cuz colour clashes but ay I think it's an interesting concept x3



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On 8/2/2021 at 4:11 AM, mewix said:

You're welcome it's a good idea ^^

I tried to draw my own coat of arms, but then I just like the funny griffin and aardvark so much, I thought I started from there...

Now there's a vector version, an easily editable SVG file, to which anyone can add elements to (e.g. ice cream…). I made some minor adjustments (shading, claws/paws, arrows, pedestal).... I just need a place to upload the SVG file…!!!!aro_coat_of_arms.png.6820750da5a022162570145bbf482338.png

... ok well I admit it, I'm the unoriginal art thief from Mars, and should now ask for permission… so belatedly I ask for permission. ?

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Oooh this version so cool looks very 3d now and nicer shapes.

Yeah you can use it however ^^

I'm glad it's being built upon

You could try google drive or dropbox or something maybee

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22 hours ago, mewix said:

You could try google drive or dropbox or something maybee

So here it is:


Btw., please support the newly formed C.A.L.V.A.D.O.S. (club against longstanding & very annoying discrimination of svgs) with a generous donation, thanks.

(best viewed with Inkscape)

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