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Hi, I'm Milo!

I'm relatively new to the forum. I'm aroace agender. I like studying biology and linguistics.

At first I identified as pansexual. because I felt the same about every gender, right? Then, after a few months, I realised SAM exists, and when people say they're pansexual, they literally mean sexual attraction. That's when I started describing myself as panro ace.

After some time of interacting with an online aro community, I realised "hm, that describes me a little too well". But I didn't get that "omg I'm so aro, it all makes sense now!" moment. No, instead I slowly started coming to terms with it.

I'm still on the questioning phase, but I'm fairly confident in my identity now. I still get the little realisations that people my age do experience those things that I don't, and that I am in fact aroace.

I think of my sexual, romantic and gender identities as inseparable. I think everything comes down to me not understanding gender. lmk if you folks have a similar experience.


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Hi Milo,

welcome to the forum and glad you are finding yourself. Like you, I did identified as pansexual for the same reasons, but later I discovered I was ace. Everyone has their own unique experience when it comes to discovering themselves, and coming to terms with it is great ^^ If you have any questions, just ask away and be happy in this safe space.

Cheers and here some pie and coffee to celebrate your coming (Insert tasty key lime pie and coffee)

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Hi there and welcome! It can definitely be a journey figuring all of this out. I identified as pan first too and then ace and then I realized that what I thought was due to asexuality was actually mostly aromanticism, and now I identify as greypan ? Gender is also a tricky one! Take your time figuring it all out and like Blake mentioned, feel free to ask questions here. Folks are often more than happy to answer them ?

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