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The relationship anarchy manifesto


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I've been interested in relationship anarchy for a while, since it rejects the idea of amatonormativity, but not until now have I actually read the original RA manifesto. I'm sharing the link here in case anyone else is interested. I think it's very well written and inspiring.


These are the points:

Love is abundant, and every relationship is unique 

Love and respect instead of entitlement 

Find your core set of relationship values 

Heterosexism is rampant and out there, but don’t let fear lead you 

Build for the lovely unexpected 

Fake it til’ you make it 

Trust is better 

Change through communication 

Customize your commitments


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Relationship anarchy has been so instrumental in how I navigate my relationships now. I wish more people know about it mainstream! You're right in that the RA manifesto is inspiring, I like to read through it once in a while, thanks for sharing it. 

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I have been trying to get my friends more open to some of the RA ideas, but they kept shutting me down with 'I have traditional values'. I'm wondering if I should just throw this at them and refuse to talk about boys until they have read it 

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I think it can be good to just judge things as there are and not be so quick to label. And negotiate and communicate what it is you want. Different ppl for different things. And yeah the fact is you can find joy abundantly. I think you can apply that not just to people but activities anything you do or is around you (even if you can't negotiate you can respect boundaries :P) I don't think you even need to label the practice necessarily.

I think there will always be some valuing of one relationship over another to some extent however just less hierarchical more just this is what I enjoy and works.

Here are some good podcasts I found on the topic. 






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