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Sad songs about friends and family

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One thing I quite like now and then is sad music, music with more downbeat themes. However at the moment what keeps happening is I look for a list, or pull up a playlist and it is just all romantic. all heartbreak. These songs just dont do anything for me, and i suspect they never will. I have really got into listening to folk songs about war, e.g. green fields of france, that sort of thing, because I struggle to find anything to grab that urge for sad music. But I would like to know songs from a wider range of genres that allow me to scratch that itch.

So does anyone have any recommendations for downbeat music about subjects like close friends or family.

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Burned Out - Dodie

Supermarket Flowers - Ed Sheeran 

The End of All Things - Panic! At the Disco

I Found - Amber Run (could be interpreted as found family)

When the Party’s Over - Billie Eilish

Neon Gravestones - Twenty-One Pilots

Feel Something - Bea Miller 

Antidote - Faith Marie

Anyone - Demi Lovato

Heavy - Linkin Park

Brother - Kodaline 

Panic Room - Au/Ra

Somebody Else - flora cash (could be interpreted as platonic) 

I have a pretty pop-centered taste in music, so these might not work as well for you as they do for me, but I thought I’d offer my favorites that aren’t explicitly romantic :)

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wow, thank you everyone. I have plenty to listen to now. You people are awesome.

Also really cool that I am being reminded of musicians that I really should listen too more, it's been a while since I listened to Linkin Park and absolutely ages since I last heard any Dick Gaughan.

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I think searching for sad songs that don't talk about romance is a good idea, so tried to find some myself, gotta admit that it did prove to be quite difficult. Here's a list of what I found, though I'm not sure whether some do talk about romantic love or not (for me they don't ;-) ) Not sure if they suit your taste, but here I go:

Jack Savoretti -Lucy / Mother / Russian Roulette

TAL - Une mère, un père

I-Exist - A lifetime

Paramore - We are broken

RED - Hold me now 

Skillet - Would it matter 

Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of Silence

Poets of the Fall - Given and Denied

Nightwish - The Crow, the Owl and the Dove

Kansas - Dust in the Wind

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