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Socializing during quarantine?

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Hey, I have a problem. 

I don't really find romance or friendships fulfilling. I want to help others around me feel better by listening to their problems and act selflessly, but I can't really stand interacting one on one with anyone for more than a few hours. For me, it becomes stale and I need to retreat back to alone time.  Similarly, I don't like going to parties or large gatherings, but I think that has more to do with my introversion than my platonic or romantic feelings.

I'd been doing fine with this during school by varying my commitments and joining lots of different groups. I go to a different club during lunch each day, I'm part of theater, choir, band, soccer, and a hundred more things, and so far this has been really great! I spend under an hour with many different people who I can interact with and I don't mind that at all. In fact, I really enjoyed it. And as a result of this, I didn't have too many close friends, which suits me just fine. I can't let anyone down.

But with quarantine, I don't have access to those thirty to forty minute social sessions that fueled my emotional health. So I'm kind of left feeling really lonely. But even if I had someone to hang out with, the thought of going out to social distance with someone makes me sick, especially if it would be one on one time. I can't go shopping and interact with cashiers, I can't go to the library and chat with a librarian, I can't kick a ball around with my friends. It's been really hard.

How can I stay happy and feel less alone when I don't like hanging out with others?

Should I just stick it out?

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I find stuff like discord servers is great for online social interaction, especially bc it is a more group setting as opposed to one-on-one.  In discord servers I'm on, people have been hanging out in voicechat while someone streams playing a game or have been watching streams of shows using Kosmi; perhaps something like that would work well for you?

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Same remark about discord servers! If you really want to get involved you can stay there (sometimes for long). In some you can even feel 'useful'.

I no longer have time for this since I'm working from home. But I got involved in some local initiatives (going grocery shopping for disabled people, making masks, spreading awareness on social network, keeping in contact with the elderly, cheering for the doctors and nurses with my neighbours every day,...). In these volunteer networks we have some additionnal contacts face to face but mostly from far and on the social networks.

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Another example is to try joining some organization that continues work through Skype (or zoom teams etc) could be a specific cause or just a social one like a book club. That way you can be part of a discussion in a less intense way than one on one.

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