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App Dedicated to Finding Friends and Platonic Relationships

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Hi all, I swore this was talked about somewhere else but I couldn't find the thread, so here we are.

I stumbled upon an LGBTQ+ and aro-inclusive friendship finder app that essentially works like traditional dating apps but is purely for platonic relationships. 


It's called Patook.


You can swipe left/right and contact matches (or non-matches, it's pretty free) to chat about common interests and be friends! I just started using it and already made a friend. It's easy to navigate and figure out UI-wise, and you can customize your profile and preferences to a great level of detail. There's also an algorithm that checks for flirtiness and warns you before you send anything that could be construed as too flirty. There's a strict platonic only policy the app developers have put in place, and it's really helpful.


I know that a few fellow aros sometimes worry about coming up against romantic feelings and the like when making friends, so I thought this would be a good suggestion for those peeps. :)

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9 hours ago, Zorcodtoa said:

That's quite an algorithm.

Especially given that even humans have trouble identifying "flirtiness" ? I assume it'd just go for a few very obvious sets of behaviour though, and let the grey areas be.


Still, it sounds like a really useful app for all kinds of people - I googled a few articles about it and as one said, "An especially tricky type of human connection for an app to ‘fix’ is making new friends, as friendships are often forged in the fire of random real life experience."


I'd be really interested to hear about people's experiences trying it out!

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Ah yes, I started a thread about this service a while ago, but it was little more than a tech beta back then.  I'm curious to hear what people's experiences are with this.  This is not the first attempt at a platonic relationship app, and the others all failed quickly after launch.

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On 7/4/2018 at 3:36 AM, running.tally said:

There's also an algorithm that checks for flirtiness

Can I install this in my brain? I needs it!


Interesting app, will check it out.

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