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Is this place AVEN Lite?

One-Eyed Jack


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14 hours ago, One-Eyed Jack said:

Please vote in this poll so I can see whether I don't belong here, either.

The poll seems to be just about gender and age.
I get feelings about being unsure if I belong, either here or Aromantic Talk.
They tend to be about things like aro aces being the majority of posters.
Along with: Strongly worded posts about disliking kissing and touch. Overloading/overuse of the term "platonic". Anti-relationship memes, including loving food more than people.

I'm Gender Queer, so it's not that likely that I'll encounter anyone the same gender as me. Also my views on the daftness of gender roles have been known to offend quite a few feminists :)
Nothing much I can do about having been born in 1968 thus never been able to understand that I've always been aromantic. until very recently.

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It has been my impression that the community here is incredibly diverse despite being younger than the general population since older people are less likely to contribute to a forum like this.  Honestly the only thing that (almost) every contributor has in common is a care for the aromantic community in some way—not even every user is aromantic, though I'd imagine that the majority are.  There are no demographic requirements to "belong here", though there might be some social ones: pathologically trolling sensitive threads isn't very conducive to productive discourse.  That aside, I hope that you ultimately decide that you do belong here, and I'm sure that the rest of the community does too.

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