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  1. Well, if an admod labels me as "pathologically trolling sensitive" there's no one I can report the admod to, so I guess I have to leave. Bye, all.
  2. R.I.P. Adam West, 88, the forever face of Batman. All Batman fans mourn you.

  3. Yet people are returning to such values after decades of shunning them. Shows you what just a few self-seeking, cynical hypocrites in the toxic-left establishment can do: cause the clock to turn back as the majority feel aggrieved and exploited.
  4. Please vote in this poll so I can see whether I don't belong here, either.
  5. I don't see the following as being on the aromantic spectrum: - "I'm eight and my boyfriend wants to kiss but kissing is gross, so I must be aromantic." "A guy wants me to be his girlfriend but I'm afraid of getting pregnant, so I must be aromantic.' "Every guy who wants me to be his girlfriend is unemployed or a druggie, and I don't have feelings for any of them, so I must be aromantic." 'I hate men so I must be aromantic."
  6. It pisses me off when people don't know that there's a difference between being an allo who has a need to be careful and go slow, and being on the aromantic spectrum, and start labeling themselves as aromantic when they just have a need to be careful and go slow. And I don't know whether the ToS permits me even to vent with that kind of sentence not directed at anybody on Arocalypse.
  7. That's a refreshingly positive take on a man flying solo. Typically being a bachelor into middle age is portrayed as a failing, but that's because those who run countires have an interest in sustaining the birth rate, and the values they promote are nationwide and can't take into account individual differences. Such individual differences do exist, and I'm glad that they are being recognized by means of solid research. And what the book says about those men doesn't surprise me. It's exactly how I would imagine happy bachelors to be. The one thing missing from your post is a number: what percentage of men fit this description. Would you mind providing that?
  8. Yes, but do you wear your sunglasses at night?
  9. I've deleted my post with regard to that. No reason to get the mods excited.
  10. LIfe is when dinner is an hour late because the mandatory cook is stuck in traffic.
  11. Welcome and enjoy your time here.
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