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  1. R.I.P. Adam West, 88, the forever face of Batman. All Batman fans mourn you.

  2. Yet people are returning to such values after decades of shunning them. Shows you what just a few self-seeking, cynical hypocrites in the toxic-left establishment can do: cause the clock to turn back as the majority feel aggrieved and exploited.
  3. I've deleted my post with regard to that. No reason to get the mods excited.
  4. LIfe is when dinner is an hour late because the mandatory cook is stuck in traffic.
  5. I agree with that. I wasn't expressing an ethical or moral principle but referring to how people do things.
  6. On the other hand, many AVEN members have complained that, supposedly, allos care only about sex, not romance.
  7. Most asexuals are romantic (and tend to have the standard romantic person's misconceptions about being aromantic). That's one reason Arocalypse is a necessity and not just a fun and frivolous thing (although fun and frivolous within the context of a serious purpose are also good).
  8. I was six or seven years old, attending a small school in a small city in East Euroope still rebuilding after the Second World War. The school had normal classrooms and the gym was the courtyard, but there was a largish meeting room. One day, I'm given some schoolwork and am absorbed in it. Suddenly the teacher says my name, and I look up and realize that I'm the only kid still in my class. The teacher tells me to stand and leads me to the meeting room. She opens the door, and the lights in the room are dim, with music playing. All the pupils my age are dancing in pairs. The teacher leads me to one girl from my class, and arranges our bodies and arms in a tango pose. I feel the girl's cheek pressed against mine and shriek and dash out the door. An adult from the school catches up with me in the courtyard and leads me back to the class. Later, the other kids return to class, and the whole thing is never mentioned by anyone. This isn't a delusion. It really happened.
  9. The way to meet people is to have an interest and find people who share it with you.

  10. It's possible to be close friends with someone who is married, provided their spouse is understanding of the friendship. I had such a friend in decades past, and kept him as a friend after his spouse left him. Our friendship ended for reasons having nothing to do with his romantic life. Yes, it's unusual for that to happen, but it can and does, so don't lose hope.
  11. One-sentence takes on life with humorous overtones, although they aren't necessarily funny. I'll go first. Life is standing in lineups and sitting in waiting rooms.
  12. I'm sincerely and forthrightly offended.
  13. Unfollowing and ignoring this thread. Go ahead and post "Mmm" again.
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