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  1. a relationship is the agreed upon interactions between two people, often involving some kind of closeness or privacy not available to those outside the relationship. (or more people, or people and organizations, or two or more organizations, etc) really the question is how do you establish a relationship, not what kind it'll be. I suppose having better language to categorize a relationship helps, but when it comes down to it the important thing is negotiating shared interests and any disagreements in a way that allows each one to be happy with continuing the relationship, especiall
  2. it's relative. from the perspective of the earth, the sun moves around the earth. religious folk prefer the perspective of the earth.no need to correct what isn't actually wrong. they don't like the yang to their yin, that's perfectly ok, both yin and yang are as one, and where one is acknowledge the other is still true, even if only a shadow. your need to have her see yang and not yin is no different than her need to have you see yin and not yang, I know you find it hard to believe that the sun revolves around the earth but it's just as true. if you want the objective truth, go be
  3. reading your story of introspection really speaks to me, @Apathetic Echidna I may not be appressexual but, I feel you really. I guess it's 'cause I do feel sexual attraction but, defining my orientation and understanding what was what was really a work to pick it apart. it's such a relief to finally feel comfortable with an answer to the question - I was hesitant to go with grey because I felt pressured to "know for sure" and quoi/grey both seemed like "labels for people who are questioning" especially in the environment I was in. people weren't satisfied with a middle ground.
  4. heya friends so I've been thinking... I know I feel sexual attraction. I know I lack any desire for sex. but wait doesn't that just make me lithsexual? or am I understanding it wrong?
  5. hello and welcome! yeah I totalyl get what you mean at being kinda in limbo about all this. I've always known I had... some kind of attraction, but the details of it was confusingly uninspiring compared to how big a deal attraction seems to be to everyone else I slowly started to piece things together when I found out about asexuality and aromanticism, but it was especially hard 'cause I'm not quite without but not quite full attraction but I figured out that "Greysexual" works well enough and "demiromantic" just about hits it right. I hope you find this place very h
  6. well there was this one time someone asked me to go "as a friend, to support her" with them on a double day for their friend who was asked on a date with a guy she didn't trust, and I agreed, y'know, being supportive of my friend and her roomate. and then by the end of the date I came to realize that I wasn't actually asked as a friend, I was asked as a crush. made me a little uncomfortable...
  7. will it allow me to post a second post? it does! OK - editing in a response to everyone/piggybacking from topics, for the sake of community --- Yeah my libido too has certainly had highs and lows, like a biorhythm. It was much stronger in my teen years, but over the years it weakened. When I had a roomate I'd happily go without masturbating for long periods of time, and often woke up super-aroused at like 1/2 in the morning and go off to the bathroom to do it quick, lol. Since discovering my asexuality, I started to notice the ways in which sex itself would actually fail to
  8. to respond to the original post @Ettina I'd presume anything to be a part of libido, if it has to do with arousal, masturbation, kinks of a sexual nature, fantasy of sexual nature, and orgasm. Someone non-libido'd would not find themselves experencing such things. Tho, nonsexual fantasy and nonsexual kink might be experienced by someone non-libido'd. In the asexual communities, it's preferred to make a distinction between libido and sex-drive, where the former is self-sexual only, and the latter is sexual-with-others as part of it. Masturbation may help curb the drive,
  9. regarding amatanormativity, I dislike any claim that oppression is a conscious and purposeful thing. perhaps in precise behavior a person might speak against something which they find unhealthy, but in doing so they only reveal that teh culture itself distrusts such the thing - it is not that, in full knowing, some beast called "culture" says, "no, no, that is not a good thing" but instead that it is an alien concept and therefore distrusted, and in being distrusted, is of course rejected. a person who is a stranger hearing of strange ideas will dislike you, and this is not oppress
  10. so far after the first few chapters, I feel the writer is projecting negative belief that men don't like effeminate stuff, and that men think women are sneaky and men aren't. or maybe she thinks women is all backstabby but men aren't. it's a little disappointing. it's funny reading her write a character who struggles to be comfortable with androgynous folk, in our current culture just say "they" already! but she don't know she can! everything is he and his and king and well I guess that makes sense for a male character, to see maleness everywhere. I'm not sure how apparent she's
  11. For me I am demiromantic, and for me that expresses by my lack in any romantic feelings towards people normally. I am very interested in people and am happy to spend time with them and even offer my help in any way they need. I enjoy being a part of what they do. tho usually we just hang out and y'know be friends... idk.. but no one feels any different from friends. I'd date someone and, well I liked them and felt flattered by their attention, but even tho I recognized we were dating, I just I behaved towards them like they were just another friend except, one I saw all the time, and talked to
  12. maybe I could go check it out at the library and give it a read.
  13. it seems some people consider hiccies and biting and other things as making out. I thought making out was just kissing enthusiastically. idk. I don't really kiss people on a regular basis so I'm not the best person to ask what kissing is lol.
  14. While crushes can be a big sign of romantic attraction, they aren't required to be a romantic person... tho I guess... you'd know if you felt romantic towards your partner. It's weird cause, in a way, romanticism could simply be the desire for romance... but at the same time, romanticism for most people is about feelings for the person. idk. I used to think I was normal hetero orientation. but it turns out, I'm not, huh! it's interesting. I kinda always knew that, I'd be ok living my life single, if no one came a long. but I anticipated eventually meeting so
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