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    aromantic and on ace spectrum
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    i dunno
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    iran, mashahd
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    about to start university

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  1. has anyone else notice that this place has gone really quiet? where are you people

    1. Ekaterina


      Kind of? I think it was louder when I first came. But still, activity is happening every day, and with moderate levels of it I feel like I personally like it even more (not overwhelming, or is it just I assimilated?), and it's easier to keep track of new talks/active topics and contribute to things, so I don't have an issue. 

    2. MondoBilby


      Eh, I don't mind if it's quieter. Like Ekaterina said, it makes it easier for me to keep up with topics and respond to them. It also just makes this forum feel more like a close-knit community imo.

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