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  1. I know- if anything, it was better for the guy because I simply couldn't love him and he would've ended up getting super hurt ^^' So yeah, I was kinda surprised when my friend told me that because !?!?!!???????! How? cx
  2. That aromantic moment when you try to explain to your friend that the reason you broke up with you your ex-boyfriend is that even though he was everything you've ever wanted, you didn't have feelings for him, and he replies with "It's selfish of you." and "It's unfair for the guy."
  3. Noooo you're not idiotic I promise c: Sometimes reckless and impatient, but not idiotic Hehe c: AYYYY DWARF BRO HERE
  4. Ahh I get this a lot too! Every guy friend I have "is my crush". Wow...Why must boy and girl friendhips always be romanticized? Because of that I'm always scared my friends will fall in love with me, since my mom told me that "Opposite sex friendships are impossible" and it just messes me up ^^'
  5. That aromantic moment when your teacher tries to argue with you that romantic love isn't necessary to being a complete human being.
  6. Just....casually going to leave this here *cough*
  7. Oooh That's actually very nice c: I'm glad you've found a place like that c: Though, keep in mind that no matter the choices you make, there will always be someone to criticize it. It's important to learn that not everyone will agree with us and that's okay. We can't control anyting but ourselves. That said, I think that if you're confident that what you're doing is approved by God, then only you can know about it! c:
  8. Especially since I've been raised in a christian family, I hear it all the time! And whenever I try to insinuate that maybe I won't get married (because realistically, finding a lifelong qp partner who's also christian, okay with me being aroace, accepts not having sex and only kissing a lil bit and cuddling when I feel okay with it and who matches my physical an moral requirements and with whom I feel completely comfortable and not ashamed to share my thoughts and feelings with will be rather hard cx), I always get the "Oh, there's someone for you. Don't be silly. And then you'll see, y
  9. There are quite a lot of Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs around- that's nice hehe /u\ You're the first one!! (Good luck bearing with us cx)
  10. True, true. Though I want my partner in crime to be christian too, so I think that finding someone for me is going to be really, really hard. But yeah, I intend on doing what I know is right for me, and what God thinks is better for me c: This is actually extremely interesting. I know that Paul actually encouraged people to be single if they wanted to be, so I know that God can be calling me to the single life. Though, I don't know- It's kind of hard for me, giving this up. I'd like to share my life with a best friend or a qp partner or something, yet I want to do what God has i
  11. Slytherins Rock, honestly c: It's true that it is weird. Though, one of the the major traits of Slytherins is that they will do anything that's in their power to have what they want- so maybe with people that are dear to them they'll go to extreme lenghts to make sure they're okay????? OH NO I TOOK THE QUIZ AND GUESS WHO I GOT?? APHRODITE, GODDESS OF LOVE. OH NO. (Also my first name is Juliette so I find it quite ironical) AY HUFFLEPUFF AN AMITY BROS DIvergent has such a good concept! Though I couldn't finish the books because I cou
  12. Ah! Thank you all. I'm sure I'll enjoy it here~ THEY'RE AMAZING AREN'T THEY. Thank you c: Yours is too hehe
  13. There's the official Divergent Faction quizz:http://divergentthemovie.com/aptitudetest And the pottermore test(you have to sing up, though) : https://www.pottermore.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/the-sorting-hat c:
  14. I'm curious; what Hogwarts house are you guys in? c: And other stuff too! Divergent faction? Percy Jackson godly parent? tell me
  15. Probably. I mean- I also turn to dark magic and split my soul into 7 parts when I don't feel accepted. So I guess I understand him, yeah c:
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