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  1. English class; discussing similes...

    Random Classmate: LoVe iS LiKe a mOunTAin, thE suMMit Is bEuatIfal.

    Me: Love is like a mountain, once you reach the peak you can only hike back down.

    Simultaneous gasps, laughs, and a classroom fool of confusion

    Another Random Classmate: Who broke you???


  2. The letter e is a quick description of my emotions towards the future of the human race. E.

  3. What kind of music do you like though? I am into grunge-scene bands, punk rock and even a bit of jazz.
  4. Basically half of my musical interests in one song. Part of the song is a bit jazzy and the other parts are well, hardcore punk soooooooo yeah. Edit: how does the link and video thing work?
  5. Or DuckDuckGo. i am not being very useful
  6. I like how I am able to completely not understand why people wear white shoes.
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