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  1. If she can't wear the flag because she's closeted, I think a white ring or some pin or jewelry with an arrow are common aromantic symbols.
  2. I don't believe in soulmates or that you will only be happy with THE ONE. However, I believe there is true love. I'm not sure if my idea of true love is the same as the rest of the people who have commented and I'm not really sure how to describe it, but the way my parents or my grandparents look at each other and take care of eachother or even the way they bicker and argue makes it so obvious that they undoubtedly love eachother. However I don't think the kind of love I'm describing is just limited to romantic love. I've seen this between parents and their kids, and also between friends. So yeah, I think true love exists but it's not necessarily romantic.
  3. @aro_elise Most of my squishes on guys were platonic first and then sexual, but in some of them it happened almost at the same time. My first squish was a childhood friend but I don't remember exactly at what age it went from friendship to squish... Probably around 10.
  4. I'm curious about how many of you are out as aromantic. I'm not out and I'm not planning to be anytime soon unless I find a partner, so I would like to know about everyone else. For those of you that are thinking about telling someone, I hope it goes well!
  5. 1. About how many squishes have you experienced in your life? 5-19. This one was difficult because I wasn't sure where the line between friendship and squish is. 2. About how long did your longest squish last? More than a year. It was actually several years. We even celebrated a fake wedding. 3. Is gender a factor in how/whether you experience squishes? Yes, squishes on different genders feel different. I'm heterosexual, so squishes on men have a sexual factor too. Also, I think that my squishes on women are stronger and I feel closer to them.
  6. I discovered aromanticism existed a few months ago (I'm on my late 20s) and I would have loved to know it earlier. I'm alloaro so I thought romantic feelings were a mix of wanting to be someone's friend and sexual attraction. Knowing I was aromantic would have helped me not to get into romantic relationships that were destined to fail, not only for my sake (romantic relationships make me feel trapped) but also because I hurt some of my exboyfriends since they thought I didn't like them. I also realized that I was never bisexual, I was hetero but had squishes on both men and women, which was confusing because I thought I had a crush on my best friend (I wanted to be in a relationship with her but I could saw her as cute, not sexualy attractive).
  7. Ready player one! The plot was great but the romance was completely unnecessary in my opinion, although it wasn't the worst I've read.
  8. I know! I had a FWB for 5 years and my friends were obsessed with us becoming a couple. We "broke up" 2 years ago because he met a girl he wanted to date and we're still friends, but my friends still say we would have been a really nice couple even now. Something I don't get about romantic relationship is being together 24/7. Don't they need time for themselves?
  9. Well, you're the only one that can know if you have a crush on them or not. You might want to think about your feelings and what you expect of the relationship if you want one and talk with her about it to see if you both want similar things. Since you call her your sister and your friend, I think it's more platonic than romantic. The dates you describe could be also something you do with a friend in a playful way, so it depends mostly on if you feel it's romantic or not.
  10. Thiel

    Marriage? Why?

    Thanks for the replies! They aren't religious so I'm going to assume they want a huge party with a kid-sized cake to celebrate they have been together for X years and hope to be together forever (that's all I can get from the romantic part). And then the tax benefits (we have PACS in Spain too, but they have less benefits). I still don't want one for myself, but as long as they don't ask me when am o getting married, the party should be fun. I just hope I don't have to give a speech about love in any of the weddings because that would be interesting but awkward 😂
  11. That's the first step. Next I taking over the world =D
  12. Thiel

    Marriage? Why?

    So, my question is why do people want to get married? Ive never wanted to get married so I'm genuinely curious about it. I've been invited to three weddings next year and although I'm happy about them, I don't get why they do it. I just feel it's a lot of paperwork to proof you want to be with someone (and it makes it really difficult if you ever want to break up). Any thoughts?
  13. Nice to meet a fellow scientist! I have to say that's an amazing reason to watch horror movies.
  14. An app? You mean someone's making an Aro-spec Tinder? Because that would be amazing! I was wondering how did people find QPPs. Thanks for replying to my rant, it's always nice to read someone else's perspective.
  15. Hi! I'm in my late 20s and I'm questioning my romantic orientation. I think I'm alloaro, but no idea if I identify with any specific aro label yet. I'm here because I want to meet other aro-spec people to chat. I have no clue what to say about myself. I'm a scientist, I love fantasy and superhero stories, I enjoy reading fanfics (even the romantic ones if I like the ship), travelling, and going to shows (musicals, theatre, stand-up comedy). Nice to meet you!
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