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  2. Hey! I am just going to write "my story" I guess. 😂 When I first realized I was aromantic I was in a bit of a shock. I thought of myself as the most romantic person I knew (or at least one of). How could I be aromantic? I like romance. But with a bit of reading, I learned about what that meant and I realized my "crushes" had been squishes all along. It was a bit confusing, at first. I couldn't really differentiate my feelings. I went to my best friend ever (I appreciate you, Lylu) and asked her a LOT of questions. She is alloromantic, so I figured it would be wiser
  3. Haii! I'm pretty new here. I just realized a couple of days ago all the "crushes" I had in my life were actually squishes. That was a bit life-changing for me. I always thought I was heteromantic and considered myself one of the most romantic people I knew. You can imagine, then, my surprise when I realized that nope, I have no clue what romantic attraction feels like. However, I have come across the term cupioromantic and everything made sense ...but also started to suck. For anyone who is not familiar with the term, a cupioromantic is someone who does n
  4. Hey! I'm sixteen and totally get you. I identify as cupioromantic, which means though I do not feel romantic attraction I still want a romantic relationship. Could this be what you are feeling? Anyway, being aromantic only means you do not feel romantic attraction, which can be pretty cool if you think about it. You don't have to worry about losing control and feeling all those scary things I've heard from people who experience those feelings. You get to "decide" who you like. And you get the advantage of seeing things from a logical perspective when it comes to dating! H
  5. I feel the exact same way. I wouldn't be opposed to having a romantic relationship and I maybe even desire one. I just never feel the romantic attraction.
  6. Not only romance indifferent, but romance positive. It's really annoying, but I can't control it
  7. The idea of kissing (on the lips) doesn't seem that bad, but irl I cannot do it (it brings nausea, panic, and much more upon me).
  8. One time a guy was hinting that he wanted to kiss me. My symptoms: I don't know if this makes sense... I could taste the adrenaline pumping in me My heart was beating VERY fast (not in a good way) I was shaking I felt nauseous
  9. For me: I feel really good around them. Nothing specific, just my brain releases a lot of endorphins when I'm around them and it makes me happy. I want to talk to them. I think about reasons to talk to them because I want to find out more about what they're like. I tend to want hugs from them. I usually really want them to hug me or really want to hug them (they can be so cute, it's really hard not to). I don't feel jealous. I think this is important to mention because from what I've heard from my allo friends, they get jealous if their crush likes someone or dates some
  10. I'm cupioromantic which means even though I can never feel romantic attraction because I am aromantic, I still really really want a romantic relationship and I love romance a little too much.
  11. I've had squishes on characters, if that counts..?
  12. I actually agree with this. I just want to feel it once. Just to see what's the big deal about it. But then I'd probably want to go back to being able to "pick my crushes" lol
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