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  1. Hi guys, it's been a very long time since I've been at all involved with the asexual community. My life got real busy and I couldn't stand the discourse anymore. I have also come to a point where I realize most people won't ever understand me, let alone my sexuality. That is okay, not everyone is meant to know you. I still feel confident calling myself asexual. I normally just tell people that I'm queer though, it's easier for the noobs in my life.
  2. My Overview of My Results: S.A.G.E. Test Results Your Raw Score is: -550, which indicates that overall you are Masculine Your appearance is Androgynous Your brain processes are mostly that of a Male person. You appear to socialize in a masculine manner. You believe you have major conflicts about your gender identity. You indicated you are physically Intersexed to some degree. ANALYSIS: Since you indicated you were born with an Intersex condition, it is likely that this has caused you some degree of gender conflict because society in general is not ac
  3. At first I thought I was straight , then I thought I was Bi, then I thought I was Pan, And now I know Im Asexual. Then I learned about romantic attraction, at first I thought I was Panromantic, but now I IDed as Bi/Pan Demiromantic or Alterous for short. I also now put Ace/Aro-spec on my list of identifiers.
  4. Admittedly I did go through a "AVEN just hates me" phase because I can be an anxiety ridden mess, but Im over it. My main issues was to do with diversity of sex experience. It, for a minute, seemed like many on AVEN wanted to erase Aces who where sexually active and/or sex-favorable but the longer I stayed on, the more support I felt come my way and my mind was changed. I still love the site and am glad to have found it. The Asexual demographic is diverse but unfortunately outsiders have a very two dimensional view of it, portraying Aces as perpetual sex-adverse virgins; It's annoying.
  5. I used to feel like a dead person for not feeling in the way I saw other people feeling in terms of romance and general human on human connectivity. Eventually, thankfully, I came to a place where I know everyone is different and It's ok to be me.

  6. So a big part of why I feel affinity with the Aro-spec is because of my natural emotional detachment and subsequent depression/depressive moods. I don't really ever feel that connectivity with people that I see most people have and I don't think anything is wrong with me. I just feel that these are the pieces that connect and why this demographic is where Im best suited in. My main Aro-Spec ID's are: Demiromantic, Platonamorous and Alterous.
  7. It's 2am and Im bored, grrr.

  8. I think you guys are over-thinking it. Friends with benefits is a tongue-n-cheek term. "With Benefits" is a euphemism for sex. Basically, a friend you have sex with. It's not to diminish other friendships, it is to be tasteful about describing a particular friendship situation.
  9. I just know that I identify with demiromanticism and being Alterous. So Im certain of my place in the grey area aro-wise because I definitely don't relate with most mainstream romos. I don't know if this adds anything.
  10. I used to put Polyamorous Sapiosensual DemiPanromantic but now I just put Alterous. I knew I wasn't as romance craving as others around me. I love love and I do love my fiance but the way i feel about her is not a feeling I've had for someone else. Since me and her are in a Poly situation, we will settle with one other person. I don't really get crushes, only a couple times. I've often times felt robotic over my lack of empathic connectivity to people. I've had squishes, actually more times than I've had crushes. Im more platonic then I am romantic. Though both feelings are really similar for
  11. For me it would have to be mixed with something, preferable coffee (irish coffee). Though I rarely drink.
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