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  1. Skyela

    The Future

    Thanks everyone who has replied - lots of inspiration and great advice! I think alot of fulfillment seems to come from community involvement (and animals). QPPs is an interesting route too and not one I've really explored yet. I guess my quandary is that I love to travel and have moved countries a few times since I've become an adult - hard to put down roots like pets or seeing people consistently when that's the case! (Please keep replies going, really enjoying this thread!)
  2. Skyela

    The Future

    Hi, I'm aromantic and just graduating university. I'm starting to see friends getting engaged, married, kids etc and I need some inspiration and motivation for what life in the future should look like when it's not heteronormative! So I guess my general question is: If you're younger, what do you imagine your dream life should look like? If you're older, what does your current life look like (unless you're still striving for your ideal!). Not trying to start an existential crisis for everyone but please do send along any thoughts so I can solve mine! :> Thanks in advance, skye (also not sure what forum this fits into exactly)
  3. Hi! I recently got back into Genshin, haven't done co-op that much but sounds fun! EU\ 712404919
  4. I'm aromantic but love everything about romance in theory - I devour movies and books and podcasts and anything related. But I realized when I actually imagined myself (or did put myself in romantic situations) every cell in my body was anxious and unhappy. Like I literally wanted to run away as quickly as possible. I think there's a real difference between liking the idea of romance and actually wanting it for yourself.
  5. Hi, I totally relate to loving the "idea" of romance but not romance when I'm actually part of it. I love rom-coms and books etc and have had so many fictional crushes that I used to use that as an excuse for "oh I'm not aromantic, I'm just waiting for the 'right' person". I realized I liked the theory but not the practice lol. Welcome!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Skye, I'm American but living in Scotland at the moment. I'm finishing up studying Ecology and Conservation so love hiking, being outside, animals etc. I started questioning whether I was aro about a year ago and the longer I thought about it the more it made sense and I started to feel comfortable being aromantic. Really glad I found this page as I've been struggling recently with picturing what a future without a significant other looks like, especially as people are becoming committed and engaged around me. I also feel like there's so much stigma for being perpetually single. Just happy to find somewhere people feel the same way and are having the same thoughts as me. Nice to meet you, Skye
  7. When I was 10, I was in a movie theatre with friends. Our class had only two boys so basically they were discussing which one they would "pick". I was uninterested in the conversation until one of the girls turned to me and said, "Hey, who do you think is cute"?. My immediate response was "my dog is cute!" as the topic made me really uncomfortable. They all laughed and it was an inside joke about how "oblivious" I was for a couple years. It didn't occur to me I was aro until the end of college but that moment probably should have tipped me off. Clearly all I need is a canine companion!
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