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  1. False. TPBM has listened to an audiobook.
  2. I haven't tried it, but I don't think I'd like it. TPBM has run a marathon.
  3. True. I hate any insect that flies, they just creep me out! TPBM is an adult.
  4. False. I've been to Singapore a few times because someone from my family lived there. TPBM is a fan of Pixar.
  5. Leia


    Reading, writing, drawing, in that order. I draw very very rarely, and never for myself because it feels useless. Here's a smol something I drew recently (which means like a month ago) for my friend.
  6. psst you forgot the TPBM for the next person
  7. True!! TPBM has gone on a hot-air balloon ride.
  8. If you enjoy cuddling and hugging, it could be described as sensual attraction. Being aro/ace doesn't mean that you have to hate romance/sex. There are romance-favourable aros, who don't mind romance, but they just don't want it for themselves. Same goes for sex-favourable aces. Also, having a sex drive has nothing to do with sexuality. Everyone has a sex drive, but whether or not you want to have partnered sex is what determines your sexuality (or lack thereof).
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