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  1. Never have to stand in line, because I'm lazy More time or more money?
  2. Never need sleep at all, I can be more productive. WYR be allergic to your favourite food or only be able to eat food you hate?
  3. Banned for using the same 'c' for 'robotic' and 'canary'
  4. I constantly wear a hoodie IRL, and I absolutely hate taking it off, even in front of my closest friends, so being naked in front of anyone is a definite no for me. I've even considered getting a shirt and shorts to wear when I go swimming in place of a swimsuit
  5. People will understand you, however your ability to translate languages is akin to Google Translate so when they respond there shall be hilarious miscommunication. I wish we could have the Library of Alexandria back.
  6. Hey, so I just realized this was a thing... Since I don't really like being called my real name online (privacy reasons) y'all can call me whatever. I discovered I was aromantic around last year, after my friends suggested I might be asexual when we were talking about crushes and I said I didn't really do them for some reason. I like drawing, writing, reading, and making things, especially origami. I also love musicals, and my favorite is Hadestown. Hope to see y'all around :)
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