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  1. I'm so thankfull to my best friend that she accept me as who I'm and support me. She never had said something like: "That's just a phase", but said "I think you're valid as any other living person. No matter what you feel or not. " I wish you find someone like she too "A part of human nature". Animals also fall in love/make couples/have Kids. But I think as a human I'm something more than 'inteligent monkey'. Does monkeys can (idk) write an book about cooking or build a rocket that can fly to the moon? (For now:) No! So 'be a human' means more than r
  2. Yeah. "So please don't bother me in the future, little mortal. I need to make sure that whole universe works well. I don't have any time for love!" I'm laugh so loud about this. 🤣
  3. Me and my Dad have had a talk about romanticism and love. Well... This is a Part of our disscusion. Me: I don't get why YOU ALL feel this whole romantic stuff. Dad: Well, It's big part of our nature. Me: I said: "YOU" because I don't feel like it will happen to me. I don't really see a whole concept in my life- Dad: Oh, that's because you're too young. You'll understand it once you'll feel it. Me: I hope it never come true... I prefer to stay single to the end of my lif- Dad: NO ONE WANTS TO STAY SINGLE! You're just 16 years old, too young. Me: T
  4. Oh, God... It sounds like my experiences! Thank you so much, now I'm more clear about what i feel towards him.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new here Gray/Aromantic (idk I'm still not sure). I write this post to get an answer wich I looking for a long time. Soooo... In my whole (short) life I acting a bit Aromantic. You know... I don't really care about romance, find movie kisses disgusting, run away from adorators, prefer sci-fi/comedies to watch, avoid "boyfriend/'my type' " conversations. Also as a kid I liked to play 'house' with other girls but to avoid 'partner' i played as a dog. Everyone liked dogs so it was a perfect plan for me. And when it comes to play with dolls my character always stayed
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