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  1. I'm so thankfull to my best friend that she accept me as who I'm and support me. She never had said something like: "That's just a phase", but said "I think you're valid as any other living person. No matter what you feel or not. " I wish you find someone like she too "A part of human nature". Animals also fall in love/make couples/have Kids. But I think as a human I'm something more than 'inteligent monkey'. Does monkeys can (idk) write an book about cooking or build a rocket that can fly to the moon? (For now:) No! So 'be a human' means more than romantic love and/or sex.
  2. Yeah. "So please don't bother me in the future, little mortal. I need to make sure that whole universe works well. I don't have any time for love!" I'm laugh so loud about this. 🤣
  3. Me and my Dad have had a talk about romanticism and love. Well... This is a Part of our disscusion. Me: I don't get why YOU ALL feel this whole romantic stuff. Dad: Well, It's big part of our nature. Me: I said: "YOU" because I don't feel like it will happen to me. I don't really see a whole concept in my life- Dad: Oh, that's because you're too young. You'll understand it once you'll feel it. Me: I hope it never come true... I prefer to stay single to the end of my lif- Dad: NO ONE WANTS TO STAY SINGLE! You're just 16 years old, too young. Me: Then... Why girls in my Age get it while I don't? That doesn't make sense to me. Dad: You're just a late bloomer then. Kid don't bother yourself. You'll feel it anyway, EVERY HUMAN ON THE EARTH FEEL IT. Me: So I think I'm fucking alien. *goes to the room because of too much bullshit in ears*
  4. Oh, God... It sounds like my experiences! Thank you so much, now I'm more clear about what i feel towards him.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new here Gray/Aromantic (idk I'm still not sure). I write this post to get an answer wich I looking for a long time. Soooo... In my whole (short) life I acting a bit Aromantic. You know... I don't really care about romance, find movie kisses disgusting, run away from adorators, prefer sci-fi/comedies to watch, avoid "boyfriend/'my type' " conversations. Also as a kid I liked to play 'house' with other girls but to avoid 'partner' i played as a dog. Everyone liked dogs so it was a perfect plan for me. And when it comes to play with dolls my character always stayed buisnes-woman and never have kids/husband while my friends character get both. Nothing really change from that days. I still feel not right when I see couples/kissing in movies (I run away to avoid that). I don't really care about romantic partner (who cares? When I got so many great friends) while other girls have crushes then boyfriends and break ups and more... Mayby I can imagine begin close with someone but without kissing/dating/romantic gifts ect. It is just weird... I guess. My life goal is make my own buisnes and have a cat (mayby adopt kid but I don't really need this. idk I'm 16). To this point everything look's like I'm aro. But there's a something Else. When I was 14 years old... I was get some kind of crush on a boy. I think that he is cool (he got much good marks and play the guitar) and handsome (in non-sexual way bc I' m Ace). I like to imagine being close with him but... I don't see this like other girls do. I want someone who will care about me and who I can care about. Someone who will stay with me to the end (I don't like feel alone). But I never get jealus about someone (even my crush/whatever he is). I need my space and I can't handle someone who is 24/7 with me and do all romantic stuff (it is so tiring). I want someone to hug or who will cheer me up. But I don't want to marry this person. I (probably) don't want to have kids I feel 'cut' from "I need to find the one". No I don't need ONE™, I need friend. I don't get romantic stories in all (why do you travel around the world just for her, wtf?) Back to the Mr. Crush (Let's call him Richard). Richard is cool guy I get nervous around him (it can be social anxiety idk) and I often dream abot become friend/couple with him... But when it comes to do it in real life I just think: "meh... I got Monica she's my bestie. I don't really need him." So when he smiles it is really cute and I get some thoughts like: "Why the hell I get so emberased... He is just preety!?" I'm not too confident to go to him and (make science obserwations about my self) say 'hi'... I don't really ceare about make him my friend/ partner (gross... ). So as I said earlier: "It might be anxiety mixed with aesthetic/platonic/alterous atraction bc I always get nervous around preety peoples (in non romantic/sexual way). In the pas I imagined myself with Richard in romantic and sexual way (but I'm ace so I think it might be just a 'normative' mindset [I'm never feelt sexual atraction so I'm sure it is hah]). Why I get nervous when I hear his vioce or see him (while when classmates said 'Richard is sick' I get tought like: "If it is romantic... Why i don't care. I care more about friends, huh?"). I see my family and friends as a special people... Not him. I like to imagine close relationship. But don't want do one, with him in real life. I'm so confused. (Sorry for long post and weird english).
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