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  1. Hi! I just recently started to identify as aro but it sounds like we had some similar experiences so I hope that I can help you at least a little bit This sounds like what people generally call a 'squish'? It's basically the same principle as a crush but without all the romance bits. This sounds very similar to an experience I had. I went on a date with a girl and I generally had a lot of fun with her but after the second date I just couldn't imagine having a romantic relationship. She was nice and I wanted to continue being friends but that sadly didn't work out. I think
  2. Hi! I am new here and a lot of people seem to do the introduction thing so here I am ^^ I am also very new to the aro community so pls be patient with me 😅 You can call me para or Marie either is fine I am 20, female and an IT student. I am from austria, english is my second language. I just recently startet identifying as aromantic and its been an interesting few weeks I guess. I've identified as bisexual for about 5 years of my life and I more or less thought I was done with the whole questioning my identity thing but obviously not. I have a pretty hard time accepting that I will n
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