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  1. i live in the southern USA, where calling people hun/dear/sweetheart/honey is fairly commonplace. not so much in my particular workplace, since we have less of the typical southern-accented crowd. but I've gotten so used to it that i hardly bat an eye anymore. i don't like to use them myself, though. i basically never use any sort of honorific, and thankfully that's never gotten me in trouble before. 'guys' seems to work just fine. it's the sirs/ma'ams that bother me, although perhaps that's more because of my gender identity. i don't particularly like either of them — it feels far too for formal. then again, it is a more expensive store. we tend to get a bit more of the fancier crowd.
  2. hopefully it makes sense by the title lol. i'm asking about aromantic writers and roleplayers. are your characters aromantic? do you write romance at all? i'm mostly an online roleplayer, so i can only speak from that perspective. i'm also romance-neutral to favorable. i don't actively seek out romantic plots, though i'm open to one if someone asks and i think it'd fit. my characters can (very rarely) fall for someone, and they can fall hard. even though i could never relate to what they were going through in quite the same way as an aroace person. none of my characters experience sexual attraction partly because of my ace-ness, but also because i don't write smut. i'm curious to hear from other aromantic writers on this.
  3. i work at a place ( ice cream shop ) where a lot of high-schoolers work, so 95% of my co-workers are like me, a few years out of high school, or younger. a lot of them are also women, who afaik are also mostly straight. i see a lot of the boy-crazy stuff from them. one of my co-workers had told me about how she couldn't stand to be away from her boyfriend for even a day. she was distraught by being grounded by her parents and being unable to see her boyfriend for a period of time. more of my co-workers created a "code phrase" to signal to everyone else that there was a cute boy who came in. once i was asked if i had a boyfriend — or a girlfriend. luckily my answer of disinterest was taken well. it's weirdly sort of alienating. only one of my co-workers knows i'm aro — she's also ace. but honestly i don't mind as much, since it doesn't actually affect my working relationships with them. it feels more like an odd quirk, if anything.
  4. it would have been nice. only more recently have i decided to push past internalized aphobia and fully identify with ace and aro labels. i still fight with myself over the aro one, since i'm a bit more on the romance-favorable side of things. but anyway. if i had known earlier it would have saved me a bit more from a 6 year relationship that i ended.
  5. hi, i'm hal. looking for new spaces for aro/aces so i can maybe make some more friends. I'm a 19 year old (soon to be 20) agender aroace from the US. i found out i was aro pretty recently — for a while i went with greyaro, but that didn't really seem to fit me. i didn't like the 'grey' part to describe myself. i had been in a 6-year entirely LDR relationship with an allo that i ended because the aro part was quickly becoming an issue. i'd consider myself pretty romance-positive and favorable in fiction, but indifferent or averse to myself in real life. i love writing romance and crushes in fiction, but it has never come naturally to me. i don't know what crushes are like irl. the favorable part has got to be my hardest struggle with continuously second-guessing myself on whether or not im aro. anyway, hi all!
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