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  1. I stopped shaving about two years ago. While I identify as nb I'm in the closet so people think I'm a girl. My younger sister nags me about it sometimes, says that it's 'embarrassing' for her, but my mom told her to stop since it only effects me
  2. Apparently I give good advice about relaonships too. At one point I was with a group of friends who all have dated some one before and for some reason I was the one who, according to the person looking for advice, helped the most.
  3. I once heard my Dad give my Mom a romantic compliment and I told Dad later that if anyone ever said that to me I'd punch them.
  4. I want to start coming out to people at school next year, but I'm not entirely sure if it would be a good idea My school does have a GSA, but no one ever mentions it and I'm not sure if it just doesn't come up in conversations, or if people avoid talking about it.
  5. I just rewatched The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and it doesn't have any romance at all. However, the sequel, Prince Caspian, does have some romance between Caspian and Susan that wasn't in the book.
  6. Tbh, in my mind anyone who wines about being in the friend zone probably has a fedora and says m'lady a lot.
  7. In middle school someone asked me what I wanted my wedding to be like, and I was so confused about why they would be planning a wedding in seventh grade.
  8. When someone says I'm going to be forever alone, I just joke about being a " cat lady" and kind of go with it. In my mind it's hard to make someone feel bad about something if they laugh back at you.
  9. My family is religious and conservative, so I'm not out to them. Whenever I mention not wanting to date people, get married, or have kids, their response is always that I'll meet the one some day, and that once I have my own kids it will be different.
  10. Before I discovered that being aro was a thing, this person on my bus kept bugging me about dating, and whenever I said I wasn't interested in dating, her responses were "so you like girls?" or " but you have to start dating somebody before senior year so you can go to prom!"
  11. I had to do this in ninth grade while we were reading Romeo and Juliet, and I just wrote "I don't want a boyfriend." across the paper. I got an F.
  12. You're just more mature than other people at your school. I'm in High school, so people are pretty immature sometimes, but not everyone is, and I get along with most people anyway.
  13. We learned about this in my AP Bio class. Dopamine released when you feel happy, or in childbirth. Also people get abnormal amounts of it released when they take certain drugs, so they get addicted.
  14. I really like the idea of Scarlett Which being aro.
  15. The Winter Soldier had that one kiss, but it's just to hide from a villain and there isn't any feelings behind it.
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