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  1. Other than breathing in and out, eating and sleeping🐸 Living alone or with other people (if so then who with). Kids? Pets? Feel free to add any further information I still live with my family at the moment. In the future I'd maybe like to live with a close friend/friends or with a QPP. Also a cat or a dog would be nice. Kids I have never wanted to have so no kids. I wonder how hard it's gonna be to find someone who wants to live similarly. That's something I've been worrying about a bit lately😐 But anyway, tell me how you wanna live/already live. I'm very interested😁
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  3. (I'm aroace, so the ace part might be linked in some of these) 1. When I was little, I talked with my mum about marriage. I remember asking, what if I'll never find anyone I'd like to marry. Guess I knew it all along heh😁. 2. I hated when a good friendship in a movie or series turned to a romantic one. I just couldn't understand why they didn't stay as friends. Still dislike romantic movies. One thing I hate is when a good action movie gets ruined by a romantic subplot. 😤 3. When we had health education in middle school and were talking about sex and romantic relationships, I first thought it was a joke. Like something that adults did and they believed we did too, but in reality we thought it's old fashioned and nobody does it. I was rather baffled when I realised people actually want those things in life. 4. At the end of middle school we had a school nurse's check-up. Dating was one topic of discussion there and I just felt so uncomfortable. I didn't want any of those type of relationships to have anything to do with me. 5. Also in middle school I thought that eventually everyone has to get into a relationship and get married and have children. It made me feel so anxious, cause I knew I wouldn't want that. 6. I have never had a crush (few squishes though) and I have never faked having one. I want people to know I'm not into relationships and all those things. If someone links me into that, I feel so weird and somehow wrong and a bit disgusted. When I tell people that I've never liked anyone, the responses have been: "Cool/interesting", "It must be so easy not liking anyone", and my favourite one: "Why don't you like anyone? But what if someone likes you?" Öööööh then nothing happens cause I don't like them back. Doesn't it go like that with everyone, or do some people just magically start liking someone when they like you?🤨 7. One more thing. I have never understood hand holding when walking around town. It's so impractical, like doesn't it slow down your walking pace? Needlees to say, finding asexuality and aromanticism was such a big relief and made me soooo happy.🤗😎
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