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  1. Time might be the only help. That's my thought as my mom is the same. 'I read the preme babies have a tendency to not like touch when they get older"(meaning: it's not that you don't like anyone, it's that your hesitent. Which is wrong as I love to snuggle) If she doesn't get it with words a track record of not pursuing and showing no interest may be the only thing. Or another way of explaining it. I don't fully like how this sounds becuase I feel like I'm demening romantic relationships but it's the best way I've come to discribe aromantics and it speaks the romantic language: Romantics look for the one, their soul mate that will make them feel complete, whole. Aromantics don't pursue romantic relationships because we already have the other half of our soul. There is no need, want, or desire to look for what we already have. We are happy with who are and by ourselves. Sometimes I wonder if romantics refusing to accept aromantics as we are is because of fear. The fear that we feel fine on our own. And the fear they they don't feel complete without a romantic relationship. That friends are the support we need and nothing more intense. I'm speaking purely as a asexual aromantic hermit mind you.
  2. I don't know if I'd call romanitic culture toxic. Love and bad relationships can be toxic. I've seen my friend fall prey to a few and fear the day she doesn't get it. I feel like the idea of romance is the problem. Like a Disney love at first and even if x, y, and z happens love will get us past it all because.... Love conquers all? The foundation a good romantic relationship is an equal ground partners stand on to care and support each other. The toxicness I see is when they get so wrapped up in each other the rest of the world falls away, it seems that there are those that feel once they find 'the one' all their wants will be fulfilled.
  3. Me and my sister both don't want kids, and have told our parents this. She wants to get married one day though. But i was talking with her a while ago, complaining about the grandkid jokes my dad was doing. My parents are trying to down size so he'll say things like "and we'll have a spare bedroom for when one of you or the grandkids come to visit" and apparently she has not heard ANY of these. I on the other hand have been hearing them semi frequently since i graduated high school.
  4. What were your families reactions when you told them you were aro? My family is traditional Christan with the social get married and have kids mindset. Has there been problems with acceptance or understanding?
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