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  1. No kidding. There was a girl in my construction class, Gr. 8 (I hated her before this, but we were the only two French Immersion kids in that class, so we kind of ended up as friends during that hour,) and she had this crush on a kid who'd moved into the English Program, Jackson. Massive crush, like, couldn't form two words around him. I thought it was hilarious at first because I thought she had convinced herself of that fact, that it was in her head. Turns out no, she was utterly in love with him. I ended up steering him towards her whenever possible, like if he asked me for help with lookin
  2. I'm writing a book. 50/50 if it ever gets anywhere, but I need something to do right now, and this works. And, heads up, 90% of the characters are queer. I'm not even kidding. MC 1 - Aro-Ace Girl MC 2 - Gay-Ace Boy Supporting Characters: Gay Couple (Parents of MC 2) Trans Woman (Detective) Bi Teacher (Dating Detective) Lesbian Student (Former BFF of MC 1) Non-Binary Demon (Who gets killed off in the first chapter) And that's just who I can remember because I'm too lazy to check. Those are the important ones. And why is it so hard to writ
  3. Yeah, other people identify as aro-flux. But they probably don't feel exactly the same way you do. I identify as aro-ace-flux, which means I'm both aroflux and aceflux.
  4. Don't think we have a nickname, but there's a discord where we read My Immortal and talk about dishwashers. https://discord.gg/H2KcsWR
  5. We should all dress up as Hunters of Artemis for Halloween regardless of gender identity just for the sake of it.
  6. I headcanon Gobber from How to Train Your Dragon as aroace, even though everyone thinks he's gay or bi from that one line in the second film.
  7. French: blanc. I dunno why, I just liked how it sounded when I was younger. English: Dociousaliexpisticfragicalirupus (Can't even say it though, it's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards though! Not spelt that way, but you get the idea.)
  8. Only know a little about it, but it's all good stuff! Although I had to do a project in school about lapis lazuli and she kept coming up, making it hard to do, cuz all the images were of her, lol. She-Ra, the new one, seems to do a good job of what you're talking about too. The only established couple in S1 are lesbians, which isn't even spoken about, it's just part of the show, which is great, there are hints of another lesbian relationship, and all of the relationships except maybe Catra and the dark shadow lady are really positive.
  9. Canadian, so I'm not going to bother writing what I got down, although I did get 100% liberal, whatever that may mean.
  10. Stop pretending to have a crush on people. You don't need that in your life. Go read some books, and start to write your own stories. Don't be mean to Oliver, he's in the same community you are, even if neither of you know that yet.
  11. Hey, so I was wondering if anyone knew a site where you can order rings online? Just simple ones, like what we sometimes wear to demonstrate that we're aro? That would be awesome, thanks!
  12. I am wondering if, being scared of being attracted romantically/physically to others, regardless of age/race/gender/orientation etc is a sign of being aro?
  13. I currently identify as aro-ace-flux. I say currently because that might change as time goes on. I might, in the future, identify as just aro, or just ace, or aroflux or whatever. But right now, I identify as aro-ace-flux, which, quick explanation, means I experience little to no desire for romantic or physical relationships, but how much fluxuates dependent on outside factors. I recently came out to my family, although it wasn't really coming out how like you'd think it was. I have two moms. And I was actually explaining the different kinds of queer people in the LGBTQ2+ community to one
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