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Hi there ^-^


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Hi everyone,

I've finally decided to come here after reading about this site on AVEN a while ago. Curious about how this will turn out and if I can find some answers and/or new perspectives on a/romanticism since I'm still struggling with me being (very very possibly) aromantic... So I'm just going to scroll through all the posts and maybe add my two cents :D

Have a nice day/evening ^hugs^

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10 hours ago, rubydelvai said:

except better and in multiple flavours in that one bowl :aroicecream:


:D next time I'm eating ice cream I'm going for these colours, just because I can! :aroicecream:


11 hours ago, omitef said:

Welcome. Have a papo :creepypapo:

(Had to look it up) but the papo thing is really cool, have a papo too:arocapapo:

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