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Why I Identify with Aro-Spec.

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So a big part of why I feel affinity with the Aro-spec is because of my natural emotional detachment and subsequent depression/depressive moods. I don't really ever feel that connectivity with people that I see most people have and I don't think anything is wrong with me. I just feel that these are the pieces that connect and why this demographic is where Im best suited in.


My main Aro-Spec ID's are: Demiromantic, Platonamorous  and Alterous.

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I think, I think that if your experience is for you, associated with being aromantic. then I trust you. you are probably right, since you know your experience and I only know mine :)


for me, depression and how emotionally attached I get to who, is something irrelevant to why I identify with aromanticism. I am sorry that I projected onto you, but now I have been able to clarify my thoughts better, heh. 

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I identified with the aro spec (aromantic, in my case) because I couldn't feel any attraction. In fact, the very idea of attraction scared me, and made me feel all icky, which led me to discover the meaning of romance repulsed and philophobia (though IDK if it's the same thing). Then I found this forum, which led me to discover other people just like me! So, in a way, I am greatful for the things that happened: they led me to discover this website! XP

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On 10/30/2016 at 8:15 AM, Louis Hypo said:

I'm just plain old 0% romantic but yeah it's such a big part of the everyday.

same, outside of the lgbt+ community and even sometimes in it, 'aromantic' is so, like, unheard of, but among us aro-specs, compared to all the other prefixes, it seems so simple.  

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