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  1. ah i've been there. asexuality =/= aromanticism. wish people would open their eyes and see those aren't interchangeable labels.
  2. finally updated my account after, like, years of being inactive on here, what the hell.


    keeping the kyoko sakura layout, cause she's best girl

  3. ...Are you all dead?! There haven't been any new discussions as of recently, and almost no one is ever on. ANYONE HEEEEEEEERE?
  4. ...Are you all dead?! There haven't been any new discussions as of recently, and almost no one is ever on. ANYONE HEEEEEEEERE?
  5. THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!! :0 I keep experiencing busts of this attraction that fade after a bit. Then the cycle repeats itself. End me.
  6. I mean, around certain times, I get random bursts of romantic attraction towards people that fade in and out. I have no desire to form relationships but??? They confuse me?? But my period just ended and these feelings are still coming!! I remember, today, a friend referred to me saying they loved me platonically. I felt weird at that, like I wanted to be loved with more than that. But I saw how romantic relationships are and my feeling faded?? Like?? In concept (without THINKING of it - just knowing it's MORE THAN FRIENDS) I want a romantic relationships but then i think of how they really are and that feeling fades and??? I'm so confused! I feel like this is a hormonal thing, but I could really use some help!!
  7. I actually do this waaaaaaaaayyyyy too often.
  8. I also remember having to fake a crush in primary school. (I might have already put this, but the memory still makes me laugh. )
  9. Wow, that makes sense as to why you would want that. I wish you luck!
  10. Kinda the opposite of me. I have no interest ever in being in a romantic relationship, but if I consented to it, and actually liked that other person, I guess I would be comfortable in one. But I wouldn't do anything other then high-fives or the occasional hug, I guess. I can't say I ever showed an immense amount of signs when I was younger...but when I was around 8 years old, I had to fake having a "crush" to fit in with other girls and boys, so there's that. SAME.
  11. As for reading, I read quite a bit. Currently, however, I am reading The Boy That Harnessed The Wind, by William Kamkwamba. It's basically this story about a boy who lives in Africa where it's poor so he decides to create electrity with windmills. Interesting so far, despite not really being the "journey to becoming an inventor" type.
  12. I voted the Bee Movie, becuz Bee Movie. Worship it's greatness.
  13. Oh, really? Who was your favorite character? Mine was Kyoko! (As you can probably tell by my profile LOL.)
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