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A Hello from North Salt Lake!


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Hello to all friends and foes,

I haven't been active on a real forum space in a while, but I was so glad to stumble across a discussion about aromanticism. I'm a month from 23 and have known about my AroAce orientation for some years, but haven't made many Aspec friends. I'd be glad to have some other people to talk about shared experiences with. 

I figured out I was asexual and aromantic fairly conflict-free. I've never been very interested in relationships or people, romantically or otherwise. When my childhood friends began developing crushes, I frankly thought they were being stupid and made fun of them for it but I never had any feelings of my own. I wish I could say that had known about aromanticism earlier on, I might've identified with it sooner, but I knew about aspec identities. I just assumed the change I saw in my friends would happen to me as well at some point. It never did. So here I am in my twenties, still without my first crush, and proudly aromantic.

I majored in computer science for my Bachelor's, although I'm still seeking employment in my field. I should've done internships, but I had to make money to support myself, so if anyone knows how to defeat the feedback loop of "can't get a job because no experience" and "no experience because can't get a job" let me know. (How entry level positions require 2-5 years of experience I'll never understand...........) :P

Anyways, I like to ramble. Love using bunches of words. It doesn't endear me to many people. A few last words about me, my profile pictures are currently some art (avatar from @astrianabla, header is in-game art) from a gorgeous game called Disco Elysium. If you've never played it, I absolutely recommend giving it a try, but look at the content warning list if you have any sensitivities or are under 18.

I look forward to meeting people and making new acquaintances,



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