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Where I First Encountered the Term "Squish"


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I got my first Animal Crossing game when I was about 10 years old (City Folk for the Wii), and I remember going to Shampoodle to get my hair done.  One of the questions you get asked (to determine what hairstyle you will be given) is whether or not you have a "squish."

At the time, I had no idea what this meant, and I was embarrassed by the way that Harriet (the hairdresser) brought it up, as though it were a gossip-worthy secret.  I suspected that it was a euphemism of some sort, and when I found out that it meant having a crush on someone, I was even more flustered.  Something about the word just felt gross to me, probably because it made me think of squishy goop and other unpleasant textures. 

Now that I know a bit more about how "squish" is used in aromantic circles today, I wonder if my experience with Animal Crossing over a decade ago has affected my current feelings.  I can't decide if having a "squish" accurately describes the way that I feel for some of my friends, and I'd almost feel more comfortable calling what I experience a "platonic crush," although I realize that this is the working definition of "squish."

What are other people's experiences with the term "squish"?  Does anyone dislike it or use a different term, and if so, why?  I know that adopting new terminology can require a transition period to get used to it, and I wonder if I'm averse to the term "squish" for logical reasons (i.e. it doesn't actually describe my experiences) or arbitrary ones (i.e. the word itself just squicks me out a bit).  I would love to hear how this term does or does not resonate with the other folks here! :)


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I have no problems with the term. It’s not something I really experience (nor do I experience “platonic crushes” or any other way you want to describe it), so I don’t use it for myself, but I don’t dislike it. I would imagine its presence in Animal Crossing is a coincidence. 

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I often called the special feelings I had for a few select people a "platonic crush" before I heard of squish being a thing when I joined AVEN in 2015. I don't really get them much anymore I don't think.

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I’ve used the term squish in the past, now sometimes I use platonic crush, and I totally understand what you mean about preferring one over the other! I will use each of them in different situations sometimes based on what best describes how I feel, even though they are technically the same thing. 

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