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Hello all!


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I've been lurking once in a while for some time, but I figured if I want to comment on something that means it's probably time to introduce myself. So!


I identify as demi-idem-romantic after thinking about it for a few months, although I may yet turn out to be allo. I have a QPF and a QPP as of very recently :arolovepapo:. I'm in high school in the US.


Some things I am jazzed about: anything Avengers related, studying Japanese, my first programming project (a Java text adventure about Pokemon), AO3, and learning about identities!!

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21 hours ago, Pufflehugs04 said:

Welcome! :icecream:

What is this?

I don't seem to get romantic feelings for people I don't already feel close to, so that's demi. The idem part means I (usually) have trouble distinguishing between romantic, platonic, and queerplatonic feelings, so I just categorize my relationships based what the other person thinks, and whether we do things together that seem most common in romantic relationships. I can give an example if that's confusing ^^'

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