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Sometimes people I know poke fun at my sexuality.

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Sometimes when I tell my friends, friends about the fact I'm asexual and aromantic (aroace) they usually will sometimes poke fun at it and make small jokes about me mastur- I just hate it you know what I mean or being romantically attracted to women. How do I get them to not do that and understand that I don't feel sexual or romantic attraction.

And I said my friends, friends not just my normal friends.

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I honestly have no idea, school in general has always been a pain when it came to dirty jokes or relationship drama. It just gets so fricking old and I find it frustrating to say the least. I don’t think there is a way but maybe just expressing that you really don’t find this comfortable in a serious talk is the best answer. If they’re your actual friends they’d know when they crossed a line.

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I think the best solution is to tell them that it's making you uncomfortable and ask them to stop. If they're really your friends, then they should do it straight away. But if they don't, I suggest finding new, accepting friends, because respecting someone's identity is the bare minimum.

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