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Any stories with about an Aro4Aro relationship?

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Honestly I’d like to read anything describing aromantics in relationships with aromantics. Building QPR or romance, I wanna see how that kind of stuff happens between us or something blaaaargh it’s so early

If you know any stories with Aro4Aro stuff pls drop here. It would be so awesome. It would be so cool.

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My relationship with Marty was AroxAro.  I just didn't know I was aro.  For that, read DEAD ON THE VERGE OF BLOOMING by...me.  

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10 hours ago, nonmerci said:

There is Koisenu Futari. It is a Japanese tv show with two aroace protagonists and I think they end up in a QPR together. This is official.

holy shit i never heard of this now i want to watch it but live action is bit iffy for me to watch idk

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