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Welcome, j! 🍁

15 hours ago, frittatacrisis said:

i think i am aromantic. and it's so wonderful and awful at the same time. having this knowledge makes everything make more sense: the past, the present, my understanding of myself, etc. but i'm also confused.

Thank you so much for your essay and for expressing yourself in such a lovely way!

16 hours ago, frittatacrisis said:

i love and always have loved music. listening, singing, playing instruments, and even writing/producing music. it's a universal language. and it has the capability to make people feel things. i love writing and reading, too. i've found that poetry (as well as songwriting, because those are so very similar) is a really good outlet for my creativity. for the past two years i've been a student correspondent for my local newspaper. 

Which instruments do you play? How have you found your brush with journalism so far? Which ideas or thoughts do you like to touch on in your songwriting?

Your username is so brilliant! Perhaps you and @CrisisApple can team up to become sweet-and-savoury heroes - two peas-in-a-pod (on the beet) solving culinary crises in this jam-packed world of ours.

16 hours ago, frittatacrisis said:

my favourite colour is green. specifically the shade phthalo.

Wow! Thank you for this new word! Such a gorgeous shade!:arolove:

Here's hoping that you may find many of the answers you seek! May you love your time here!

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it feels so nice to meet another person HAIII ALSO

I hope you enjoy this forum and come to terms with your identity. also, just sort of a personal question, did you sort of go into a flow of thoughts while writing the essay on how you believe you are aromantic? of that makes sense? like you just sort of let the thoughts flow into your hands?

and bro ur essay is amazing. i just want you to know that you are no alone in your struggles.

also have you ever read loveless by alice oseman?

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If you want a better appreciation of rap, I recommend THE HIP HOP WARS by...I think her name is Tricia Rose.  Completely destroys the arguments both for and against hip hop.  Great book.

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On 3/4/2023 at 4:07 PM, frittatacrisis said:

but another part - an anxious part - is telling me that i am just making it up

I struggled a lot of this when I was questioning. A few things helped me. 1) it doesn't hurt anyone to use the label and be wrong. If it's useful now, use it now. You can always discard it later. 2) labels aren't meant to be boxes that perfectly contain all of your experiences ever. You don't have to relate to every experience any aromantic person has ever had to be aromantic, and you can have experiences that don't perfectly map onto the dictionary definition of aromanticism and be aromantic. 3) if you were making it all up, you would know. It would be a conscious choice.

I also spent a while using "aro-spec" because that was more comfortable.

I don't really have much else to add. You hit the nail on the head a lot there, and I absolutely see myself in some of you experiences. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer regarding my journey, and what I know from others.

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On 3/5/2023 at 11:52 PM, frittatacrisis said:

no, i have not read loveless! but it's been on my tbr for a loooong time. i love alice, though. can't wait for season two of heartstopper!

Well, when or if you get the time to read it, it's amazing :)))

On 3/5/2023 at 11:58 PM, frittatacrisis said:

aside from those genres though, i'm definitely a swiftie. one of my friends actually managed to snag us tickets to the eras tour in july!


my older sister is a Swiftie as well lol.

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