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hi :) call me wybie


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hi, I’m going to go by wybie on here (not my real name tho, it’s just a character from Coraline lol) 

nonbinary | they/he 

first time joining an aromantic forum so I’m excited to be here 

still figuring it out, but I’m somewhere on the aro spectrum. maybe lithromantic, Aegoromantic? my sexual orientation is…well I think I’m sexually attracted to multiple genders but have little interest in pursuing a sexual relationship. so maybe like orchidsexual? dunno 🤷🏻 

im currently in a relationship with my boyfriend but have realized my aromantic identity while dating him. so it’s been difficult and I’m kinda stuck. Im a softie, i don’t like breaking hearts. sigh

id like to one day be in a qpr because the idea of that seems pretty intriguing to me. I’ve never been in one tho so no idea what goes into that 

oh! I’m also autistic :) I’ll say a couple of my special interests:

nature, (marine) biology, paleontology, astrology, astronomy, pets (I’m a pet sitter), legos, toys in general, a bit of spirituality & self-development 

that’s all, k thanks bye! 


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