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14 hours ago, Merli said:

Hello there

Tired of having your name in lowercase and compensate if with versals here? 

It annoys me that I didn't find a better word than lowercase. Do you understand if I say gemener (could be something similar?)? 

the "big letters" word is capital letters but i see what you're getting at

but yes i wanted to capitalize my username this time lol

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3 hours ago, ace.cyborg said:


also hi! glad you decided to join


9 hours ago, Ithinkimaro said:


Hello t here


Wonder how long until I'll wake up to 170+ posts here too lol

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11 hours ago, ace.cyborg said:

guys! my post count went up 😭

i'm so sad now

i liked having zero posts

at least u still have permanent 1 post!

8 hours ago, Deltalorian said:

@ace.cyborg I see you catching up in the top posters on this thread... my reign will not be toppled that easily

yall might be top posters but i have the POPULAR POST HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA

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28 minutes ago, A User said:

bro i wish :/

instead i have straight cis and homophobic parents


but i also like my parents as they are so-

Well that's a shame.

I don't like them based on the homophobia part but they are your parents so they must have done something right

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